8 Foodiest Cities in Italy Where We’ve Eaten Amazing Dishes

Apr 17, 2022 505

BY: Anthony McGovern

If you know us a little bit, you will already know that we are great lovers of Italian cuisine. In every city we travel to, one of our priorities is to taste some of its typical dishes. We think it’s an essential part of a trip, and we love it! We once lived in Bergamo, and when it came to food, we were very lucky!

From one side, Bergamo is not among the best ski resorts in Italy, but its traditional Italian dishes are among the tastiest, and we have many recipes from that time, that make our mouths drool. However, today we are going to focus on the gastronomies of other places in Italy, as we tell you which cities we have visited that have conquered our hearts for their excellent gastronomy. For us, they are the gastronomic capitals of Italy!

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SOURCE: https://newyorkstreetfood.com

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