100-year-old Italian woman has driving licence renewed

Jun 10, 2022 368

BY: Angela Giuffrida

An Italian woman has had her driving licence renewed at the age of 100, becoming at least the country’s third centenarian in recent years deemed fit to get behind the wheel. Candida Uderzo was given a new licence after passing an eye test at a driving school in the northern province of Vicenza.

The sprightly centenarian said she liked to be autonomous and to not put pressure on her son to drive her around.“This renewal makes me happy and will make me feel a little bit freer too,” Uderzo told Corriere della Sera. “I’m lucky, I’m 100 years old, and being so healthy is a surprise to me too. I never take tablets, just the odd sleeping pill once in a while.”

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SOURCE: https://www.theguardian.com/

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