Gio Osso of Virtù on His Favorite Local Restaurants and What Kind of Chef He Might Be

Jun 18, 2013 1807

by Nikki Buchanan

It's opening day at Virtù Honest Craft, and Gio Osso is feeling pretty good, despite what he describes as the previous evening's "cluster" for Friends and Family night. According to Osso, nearly everything that could go wrong did, but then, that's the point of F&F anyway, getting at least one or two of the kinks worked out before officially opening the doors.

You'd think the guy would be in a mild panic, but he's relaxed -- even expansive -- as he tells me stories about his Italian family, his intimate relationship with food, and his career, which has taken enough twists and turns to put a weaker man in an endless downward spiral. But all the disappointments and dreams deferred have led to this -- Gio Osso's very own food in his very own place.

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