Zammitti’s reopens in Kings Harbor with a brand new look

Feb 11, 2019 545

Kings Harbor now has its slice of Italy back. Zammitti’s opened its doors again on Sunday after being closed for almost a year due to damages from Hurricane Harvey. The Italian restaurant, located next to Raffa’s Waterfront Grill at the intersection of West Lake Houston Parkway and the Lake Houston bridge, sustained the most damage out of all the businesses in Kings Harbor and had to replace everything, according to Zammitti’s owner Edgar Ghazal.

Zammittis’s opened its doors on Feb. 3 and Ghazal was surprised to see how many people have come to eat the homemade food and drink wine with friends at the restaurant. Ghazal said he ran out of wine bottles to serve during the reopening. “We had a packed house. We literally (couldn’t move). We had to push people in order to walk by,” Ghazal said.

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