Forbici Modern Italian restaurant opens in Hyde Park Village

Jun 26, 2019 333

BY: Monique Welch

Last week, Jeff Gigante and managing partner Jay Brunetti opened a new restaurant in Hyde Park Village called Forbici Modern Italian. The restaurant serves a variety of Italian dishes, but the emphasis is on their Roman-style pizza. It's what inspired the name of the restaurant, Forbici, meaning scissors in Italian. It represents the Roman tradition of cutting the pizza with scissors.

Forbici's uses these scissors to cut its pizza, said Gigante, one of the co-founders of Ciccio Restaurant Group. "After you make the dough, you take it out and let the yeast work on the rising of the flour, and then you put it in a cooler," he said. "The result is something that’s thick, crispy on the top and bottom, and airy and fluffy in the dough in between."

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