Patio Isola: Miami's New Italian Culinary Destination

Sep 16, 2022 407

BY: Paige Mastrandrea

When Miami-based restaurateur and chef José Mendín is behind a new culinary concept, it’s safe to assume it will be a hit. If it’s Italian? Even better. Closing down his former La Placita eatery and relaunching an alfresco Italian paradise, Patio Isola, Mendín presents the sister concept to his beloved Sunset Harbour Casa Isola.

Famed for its mouthwatering homemade pasta, arancini and carpaccio, fans of the original concept will flock to the latest opening, spanning 8,000 square feet on Biscayne Boulevard and 67th Street. Featuring its emblematic garden patio, the space is complete with lush vegetation, rustic furniture and fixings, offering ample space to come, mingle and enjoy delicious cuisine with great company. 

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