Lucali’s Brooklyn pizza lives up to the hype

Jun 14, 2013 1602

by Victoria Pesce Elliott

There is pizza, and then there is Lucali. And while some are griping about the prices, even carbo-phobes should make an exception for this much-ballyhooed Brooklyn pie.

Its puffy, cracker-thin crust and fantastic toppings inspire fans to wait up to two hours for a seat at the New York flagship. Miami Beach's suddenly hip Sunset Harbor neighborhood is home to only the second one, a near replica of the original but twice the size at 70 seats.

The space is appealing in its simplicity, with concrete floors and walls topped by tin ceilings. Old fans, wooden booths and mismatched chairs lend the makeshift vibe of an old Italian social club, and a Sinatra-sprinkled music mix seems just right. Servers are as earnest and unpretentious as the space.

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