La Masseria in Palm Beach Gardens is as authentic as Italian food gets in Florida

Jun 05, 2017 1033

BY: T.A. Walker

I walked into La Masseria, located in PGA Commons, severely underdressed. I had just come from making Pizzas with the Pizza Girls down the street, so I was sporting a ballcap, T-shirt, and shorts. I was greeted by the general manager, a friendly Italian gentleman named Massimo De Luca, who dismissed my wardrobe faux pas as if it was nothing (it was something, La Masseria is a beautiful place).

He was wearing a perfectly pressed button down shirt, sports jacket, Italian loafers, and very nice jeans. He made me feel like we were old friends; like one of those friendships where you don't see each other for ten years but immediately pic up where you left off.

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