From Miami to New York City, the Real Emilian Cuisine is Served at “Via Emilia 9”

Oct 14, 2021 246

BY: Gina Di Meo

Craving tortellini, piadina or gnocco fritto? There is no need to take a trip to Emilia Romagna in Italy, the Emilian tradition is served at Via Emilia 9 in Miami and Nonna Beppa in New York City. Two different names but one message in common: bring authenticity to the United States, and no modifications are allowed. Indeed, because if you want to call them ‘tortellini’, ‘gnocco fritto’ or ‘piadina’, just to name a few of the most popular dishes in Emilia Romagna, you have to make them the proper way.

“We strictly maintain our traditions, therefore if you can’t find a dish in Emilia Romagna, you won’t eat it at Via Emilia 9” explains chef Giancarlo “Wendy” Cacciatori. And he also adds, “Tortellini for instance, is not only about the shape, it’s also about the ‘ripieno’ (the filling) for which we use, among other ingredients, only Parmigiano Reggiano aged 24 months”.

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