Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy! Quartino Bottega Organica in NYC Has the Recipe

Jul 20, 2020 247

They say that health starts in the kitchen, so quality food and ingredients are often even better medicine than drugs. A rule that’s rather difficult to follow when you’re dining out – unless you “have an experience” at Quartino Bottega Organica in New York City, one of the few restaurants in the Big Apple where you can have lunch and dinner every day and feel like you’re eating at your mom’s place in Italy.

In fact, Quartino was founded by four Italian doctors and a friend: From Genova, there’s Paolo Manfredi, a neurologist, while from Rome, there’s Giovanni Giordano, an ophthalmologist; Marco Gentilucci and Giovanni Manfredi, both cardiologists and finally, Francesco Malatesta.

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