“A Table in Heaven” at Le Cirque, Sirio, and Circo during Italian Dine-Out!

Jul 04, 2013 1573

Many New Yorkers may have dined at the esteemed Le Cirque Cafe in NYC, but how many of them were really aware of the history and fame behind this elite Italian restaurant? Founded in 1974 by owner Sirio Maccioni, the celebrity hotspot has gained such a cult following that it inspired HBO to create a documentary focused on Maccioni and his family. Le Cirque: A Table in Heaven paints an intimate portrait of the owner, his wife, and 3 sons, who are also all involved in Sirio's Maccioni Restaurant Group.

The documentary describes how Maccioni pioneered a new dining style in the '80s by fusing 4 star fine dining with a celebrity-charged nightlife atmosphere. Fast-forward 30 years and A-list celebs such as Donald Trump, Martha Stewart, and Vera Wang are often spotted savoring the authentic Italian dishes Le Cirque is known for. 

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