Table Hoppin': Pizzeria Bruno brings authentic Italian-style pizza to Sutton

Nov 25, 2021 267

BY: Barbara Houle

Pizzeria Bruno in Sutton run by two brothers originally from Italy is a hidden gem for pizza.   Davide and Marcello Bruno, both of Sutton, opened Pizzeria Bruno on Galaxy Pass in August 2020, serving traditional Italian-style thin crust pizza cooked in a wood fired pizza oven that was built in Italy. Ingredients are imported from the country, everything from meats to buffalo-milk mozzarella cheese produced in Italy’s Campania region.

The mozzarella is ordered on Friday and arrives in Boston from Italy at the beginning of each week, said Marcello Bruno. The pizzeria’s menu features only Italian wines (red and white) and beer, in addition to assorted flavors of imported Italian soft drinks (peach tea, lemon tea, lemonade, red orange) and sparkling water. The business orders from an Italian food distributor in Boston, said Bruno. 

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