Sarto is Back Open After Two Years with New Regional Italian Menu

May 02, 2022 227

BY: Jamie Coelho

Sarto means ‘tailor” in Italian, and the reopening of the Providence G building’s flagship restaurant at 86 Dorrance St. is tailoring its menu to regional Italian, adopting local ingredients for classic dishes. Before evolving into a restaurant, the space formerly served as a tailor shop called Philip Wolfe Haberdasher, as well as an apothecary and other businesses.

Sarto restaurant had been closed for nearly two years due to the pandemic, and the space has finally reopened with a refreshed menu. “In keeping with Italy’s authentic, old-world culinary traditions, we tried to approach our menu the same way an Italian chef opening a restaurant here in the United States might,” says Sarto’s culinary director Gary Hatfield in a statement.

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