Phantom Gourmet: Tremezzo Ristorante In Wilmington

May 03, 2019 325

Start your meal with a basket of fresh baked focaccia, finish it with some fluffy tiramisu, and in between, be wowed by all the pasta, pizza, steak and seafood, at Tremezzo. Located on Lowell Street in Wilmington, Tremezzo is a different kind of Italian eatery.  Chef-owner Rick Lowe serves a menu that’s full of Italian influences, but isn’t limited to only authentic recipes.

“We try to stay away from the word ‘authentic.’ We do take a lot of our recipes and use the Italian authenticity with those but we have some fantastic stuff that’s a little bit outside the box as well,” Lowe explains. So you’ll find Chicken Broccoli Ziti and Chicken Parm, served alongside salumi, gnocchi, risotto and Neapolitan style pizza. “We make our own dough here in-house,” Lowe said. “And we really take a lot of pride in making our dough. We have a brick oven, which is fantastic. We can cook our pizzas in five, six minutes. It makes a fantastic pizza.”

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