Matteo’s Bakery Owner Albanese Gives Look at His legendary Cannolis on LIVE

Mar 21, 2019 183

Antonio Albanese, owner of Matteo’s Bakery in North Kingstown is known for his legendary cannolis and traditional Italian baked goods. “We are known for our cannolis. We have people coming in who have tried them all over the state and keep coming back to Matteo’s. It’s a secret recipe, but my mother taught me that the most simple recipes are the best. We are always doing new things like cannolis dipped in German chocolate, or a shot Nutella in the cannoli cream,” says Albanese. 

Matteo’s Bakery comes after growing up in the family business, “I was nine years old working in my father’s Italian bakery on Charles Street. It has always been a part of our lives.” Albanese named the bakery after his own son, who he also involves in the business.

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