Pizza school: Headies Brick Oven Pizza masters old world Italian menu

Jan 14, 2020 421

Revamped and raring to go, a new pizza joint on East Broadway plans to recreate Old World pizza for Missoulians hankering for a return to authentic Italian pie. Headies Brick Oven Pizza, located at 1250 W. Broadway, will open where the former Zimorino’s Red Pies Over Montana drive-up was located in recent years. The most recent incarnation of Zimorino’s closed recently without notice.

In the tradition of the old Zimorino’s dynasty restaurant that existed downtown on Higgins Avenue for decades, Headies Brick Oven Pizza will import its food products from Italy and top-level East Coast distributors. The Missoulian trio of Daniel Brian, Wesley Correa and Bruce Delorey recently bought the 900-square foot building – a natural fit, Brian said, for another pizzeria spot.

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