Ciao Down Food Truck largely satisfies with hot sandwich menu

Aug 02, 2021 375

BY: Griffin Swartzell

When Ciao Down Food Truck owner Francine Vonfeldt spoke with theIndy in February, she said that while her initial menu would be deli-style and focused on hot sandwiches, she intended to add Neapolitan-inspired entrées down the road. We would love to try her more traditional Italian offerings, but the Americanized sandwich-centric menu we sample in early July, wins our affection on its own merits.

Our first visit happens at a busy farmers market, and we find the truck challenged but undaunted. We order a Mama Mia and a Fuhgeddaboutit — the former, a classic eggplant Parmesan sandwich, and the latter, a chicken parm alla vodka with fried cheese ravioli atop. Both the eggplant and chicken caught at the edges and scorched during their time in the fryer and, especially, in the former case, picked up a toasty flavor that treads on the rest of the contents of each sandwich, making it hard to taste the marinara. 

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