Chef Cristino Griego's Della Radice Set to Open in Stapleton

Mar 05, 2019 641

BY: Mark Antonation

Chef Cristino Griego is returning to Stapleton. In May 2014, Griego was the opening chef at The Bistro at Stapleton at 2955 Ulster Street, although he moved on before the eatery eventually shuttered in 2017. But the location remained a draw for the chef, and now he's opening his own restaurant, Della Radice, in the space.

Griego came to Denver fourteen years ago and, after attending culinary school, took some time to live, work and travel in Europe, primarily in Provence and in towns near Firenza and in the Piemonte region of Italy (although he also visited Spain and Morocco). "And my family is from Lucca, Italy," he adds.

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