For Charlie Gitto, Spaghetti Is Always the Answer

Jun 06, 2019 395

Every morning around 10:30, Charlie Gitto arrives at the downtown restaurant that bears his name, gets a cup of coffee from the bartender and settles into his designated spot at the corner of the bar — the best seat in the house, if you ask him."This is my office," Gitto explains. "I can see the entire restaurant, and who comes in and who goes out. I'm comfortable here."

Gitto's perch may be tucked around the corner from the front doors, but that doesn't stop an endless parade of friends, regulars, acquaintances and general well-wishers from finding him. After 40 years running Charlie Gitto's Downtown (207 North Sixth Street, 314-436-2828), it stands to reason that the oft-referred-to "Mayor of Sixth Street" would spend his days at the end of a receiving line of people eager to say hello.

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