Trip to Alimentari provides inspiration and gigantic sandwiches

Nov 11, 2019 511

There are plenty of reasons to visit Alimentari, the European deli on the Near East Side from the owners of the nearby restaurant, A Pig in a Fur Coat. Chief among them are the massive sandwiches made behind the deli counter on thick, crusty Italian loaves baked especially for Alimentari by Madison Sourdough and wrapped in deli paper fastened with tape that says "Alimentari," or "food" in Italian.

Leading off the menu of eight sandwiches is an Italian beef ($12) overstuffed with thinly-sliced, flavorful beef, roasted for 12 hours and soaked in its own juice. It's offered with spicy or mild giardiniera on top. I asked for a mix, and it was just right.

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