The Real Dorsia Brings Modern Italy to Brady Street

Jun 09, 2017 916

BY: Alisa Malavenda

You can be the envy of Patrick Bateman who could never get a reservation at the fictitious Dorsia, the restaurant from the movie American Psycho from which a new Milwaukee restaurant got its name. The owners of Cataldo’s recently opened Dorsia as a thoroughly modern Italian restaurant, a place with lots of energy, creativity and an effortless cool hipster vibe.

Even though the space gives off a nightclub feel, it’s comfortable and welcoming for all to dine. The modern décor of sleek lines of black and gold with soft purple lighting accents, flat-screen TVs above the bar for sports fans and upbeat music all seem to fit with the pulse of Brady Street. The food is executed with finesse, and the thoughtful approach to old-school Italian recipes meshes well with the space’s modern twists and artwork.

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