The New Jersey Restaurant With Italian Roots That Date Back To 1921

Jan 03, 2022 436

Everyone knows New Jersey is the home of great Italian food. And some Italian restaurants everyone knows to visit. Others are more low-key, but still serve food to die for. In fact, one such Italian place, which is 100 years old, is so low-key many have no idea it exists. From the outside, Chef Vola's in Atlantic City, New Jersey, looks like any other home.

Which makes sense — Chef Vola's thrives off an air of secrecy. It's unmarked and doesn't have much of an online presence. Basically, if you know about it, you know! Chef Vola's origins explain its exclusive vibe and quiet presence. It was once a boardinghouse run by the Vola brothers. They cooked for the tenants — and illegally sold liquor in the basement during prohibition, the story goes. 

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