First Taste: Toscano Brothers serves authentic NY bagels and Italian breads in North Beach

May 19, 2021 384

BY: Sarah Chorey

For the past two years, famed neighborhood pizzaiolo Tony Gemignani has been working on his own bakery concept with the hope of returning European baking traditions to North Beach. Now open, his Toscano Brothers bakery is serving throwback vibes and classic breads.

Designed by Gemignani himself (the chef designs all his restaurants), the Vallejo Street bakery announces itself with a bright, mint green facade, gilded lettering, and Italian flags."We wanted to be that old school bakery that feels like it's been here for 60 or 70 years," says Gemignani, who's been using his pizza kitchens as testing grounds this past year for perfecting his bagels and specialty loaves.

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