Discovering Ca' Momi - Old-World Style, New World Techniques

Nov 10, 2014 909

My first experience with a wine from Ca'Momi was the Ca' Secco sparkling wine offered by the glass at Uncorked in the Sovereign North Plaza. Ca' Secco is a fun, simple, refreshing, light sparkling wine that is made in California with the same method as Prosecco made in Italy.

While I have seen other wines on the shelf made by Ca' Momi, I took little notice until a recent trip to Jamaica by Kathy Oates, Ca' Momi's director of export sales, who was here visiting clients and conducting wine tastings with their wine importer Select Brands. After Kathy's passionate presentation, which included the story of the owner's journey from Italy to the Napa Valley, USA, I wanted to try all their wines.

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