New York parla Italiano

Oct 21, 2016 572

On the occasion of the annual Italian language week in the world (October 17th – 23rd), the Consulate General of Italy in New York, the Italian Cultural Institute in collaboration with the Italian American Committee on Education (IACE), Kairos Italy Theater (KIT) and Eataly present "New York parla Italiano", a special event to promote the study of the Italian language among the New Yorkers.

On Sunday October 23rd, between 11 am and 2pm at Eataly Flatiron and between 5pm and 8pm at Eataly Downtown, 15 actors of the "Kairos Italy Theater" 's company will be acting and reading passages in Italian linked to the traditional cuisine in flash mob format That same day, Italian language teachers will provide free lessons within Eataly to all those who are interested to learn Italian language.


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