Transnational Italian Studies within Transnational Modern Languages

Sep 27, 2020 830

BY: Teresa Fiore

At a time of planetarian stasis, it may seem odd to talk about transnationalism; and, yet, more than ever, we have become aware of the interconnections existing around the world. What insights can a transnational model offer us to critically rethink cultural and socio-economic relationships while keeping in mind older forms of border crossing (colonialism, imperialism, historical diasporas) and also the contemporary circulation of people, goods and ideas (mass migrations, global markets, social media networks)?

Join us on Sun. Oct. 4 (3pm EST) for Transnational Italian Studies within Transnational Modern Languages: A Book and Handbook Presentation in conversation with the authors (Charles Burdett, Loredana Polezzi, Derek Duncan and Jennifer Burns), moderated by Teresa Fiore with the contributions of Giulia Riccò and Serena Bassi. For more information, see WEBPAGE and FLYER. RSVP HERE.

This online event is of relevance to students, faculty, and scholars in, among others, Modern/World Languages, Global/International Studies, Education, Social Sciences, Arts and the Humanities, Communication and Environmental Studies, Business, as well as members of the community at large with an interest in multiple forms of belonging and exchange across languages, cultures and nations.


SOURCE: Inserra Chair in Italian and Italian American Studies

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