Jhumpa Lahiri wants people to consider the power of language

Nov 22, 2019 1035

BY: Kelvin Jimenez Michaca

Pulitzer-prize-winning author Jhumpa Lahiri gave Montclair State University a public lecture titled “Unbuilding Walls, Expanding Cultural Horizons: Jhumpa Lahiri on Translation.” The lecture took place Nov. 18, on the seventh floor of University Hall from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Lahiri is the editor and partial translator of “The Penguin Book of Italian Short Stories,” an anthology of Italian short stories which was first published in March of 2019. This project came about through her desire to gather literary works from some of Italy’s greatest and forgotten authors and translate them into English. Lahiri sought the suggestions of her peers on which authors and short stories to read in Italian.

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SOURCE: https://themontclarion.org/

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