Synonymous with Mediterranean Seaside Luxury, Fratelli Aprea USA Brings Fine Italian Craftsmanship to the U.S.

Aug 05, 2022 341

Founded in Sorrento, Italy in 1890 by Cataldo Aprea, Fratelli Aprea has been hand-crafting the infamous Gozzo Sorrentino for six generations. As Fratelli Aprea launches in the U.S., the prowess and performance inherent to these beautiful vessels can only come from respecting the past.

Fratelli Aprea has stayed true to its roots of simple elegance bringing its clients the best boats on the market. Representing the sixth generation (of seven), brothers Antonino and Francesco Aprea handcraft these timeless vessels alongside their father Giovanni, his three brothers Cataldo, Gaetano, Antonio, and their multi-generational team of craftsmen.

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