Volunteers begin cooking spaghetti for Tontitown Grape Festival

Jul 17, 2021 406

BY: Justin Trobaugh

For the 122nd time, the annual Grape Festival is coming to Tontitown. The festival started all the way back in 1898 when the Italian families who immigrated to Arkansas held a tasty meal to celebrate the harvest. The Grape Festival will feature free live music, a carnival, the grape stomp, and of course, the famous spaghetti dinners.

Volunteers have already started making the homemade pasta for those dinners even though the festival doesn’t start until August 3. Ryan Pianalto, co-chair of the Tontitown Grape Festival explained the early start. “It takes two weeks to make all of it,” Pianalto said. 

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SOURCE: https://www.nwahomepage.com

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