One-On-One With Andrea Bocelli

Oct 23, 2013 2257

World renowned opera singer Andrea Bocelli is officially a South Florida resident.

The Italian tenor just bought a Mediterranean-style estate in North Miami Beach a few weeks ago.

Although Italy will still remain his home base, his new waterfront property is his first home in the U.S.
He plans to come here often with his children and longtime love, fiancée Veronica Berti.

"How exciting is it to have a place here in Florida and why?" asked CBS4′s Lisa Petrillo.

"I love very much this country and I decided for Florida, because I love this climate, the atmosphere and I love this city, the ocean, and I love the warm weather, hot weather," said Bocelli.

"When did you know that not only you could sing, but that you could SING? That it was something from God? " Petrillo asked.

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