Pasolini 1975-2015

Oct 30, 2015 579

Monday, November 2, 18:00 - 20:00 EST. Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò NYU, 24 W 12th St, New York 10011. On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Pier Paolo Pasolini's death (he was killed November 2nd 1975), Kairos Italy Theater (Casa Italiana Theater Company in Residence) presents a celebration of his life in New York and of his influence over the work of future generations.

In particular, the evening will feature a reading focused on a conversation between Oriana Fallaci and Pasolini when Pasolini came to New York to present a film at the New York Film Festival, followed by an installation of images and poetry coordinated by Laura Caparrotti and poet Dave Johnson. The installation will feature members of KIT together with young New York poets. While the actors read Pasolini poems, the poets will present poems inspired by Pasolini. In the background Rome and New York will embrace the great artist.

Part 1
PPP: a Marxist in NY
Conceived by Marco Calvani
In 1966, journalist and author Oriana Fallaci, who was at that time living in Manhattan, invited Pier Paolo Pasolini out for drinks and conversation. Both her and her publishers were eager to discover what the impressions of this devoted communist would be upon his first visit to the fatherland of capitalism. The depiction of this historic interview - which marked the beginning of an deep friendship - becomes the vehicle for a brief journey inside the prose and poetry of Pasolini, exploring where his private figure and his public persona, the intimate poet and the political figure, met to give birth to immortal literature.

Part 2
NY Free Verse poets for Pasolini
The poetry of young NY poets inspired by Pasolini's Roman Poems

Curated by:
Laura Caparrotti, KIT
Dave Johnson, poet

The event will feature:
Rocco Sisto
Ted Lewis
Antoinette LaVecchia
Irene Turri
Ilaria Amadasi
Gulia Bisinella
Francesco Andolfi
Dave Johnson
Erica Fabri
Napoleon Felipe
Yasmine Lancaster

With the participation of Guy Flatley, editor of, and author of the 1969 NYTimes interview with Pier Paolo Pasolini, during his staying in NY to present Teorema.

The evening will include videos and audios by and about Pasolini, NY and Rome.


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