A message to all Italian and Italian American Institutions of the TriState Area from Cav. Giulio Picolli, Coordinator, Italian Families of 9-11

Jul 22, 2021 764

2021 marks the twentieth anniversary of the attack on the Twin Towers. On this occasion as in the last nineteen years, the families of the Italian and Italian American victims will honor their loved ones with the reading of the names in a solemn ceremony at the Consulate General of Italy in New York.

For this particular occasion, I was able to purchase commemorative boxes commissioned by the NYPD. These boxes each contain two large badges with the phrase “Never Forget — 2001-2021.” The boxes will be personalized with the name and surname of the victim and will be given to the families.

I ask the Italian authorities and all Italians for their active collaboration in organizing this commemoration, to ensure that the families still feel the closeness of their homeland.

The new Consul General in New York, Min. Plen. Fabrizio Di Michele, supports this initiative and will offer the premises of the Consulate General in New York once again where this event will take place.

Some families who I knew have moved without leaving a forwarding address; some parents I knew are now at the side of the Good Lord.

I am asking everyone to give me a hand in tracking down these families.

I need volunteers to help with the organization, to commemorate our Heroes with the dignity they deserve.

Cav. Giulio Picolli - Coordinator, Italian Families of 9-11. Email: gpicolli@aol.com Tel: 201-370-8690

Please contact Lisa Calello — preferred contact, via email: ecalello@aol.com — with the pertinent information of your loved one who was victim of the 9-11 attacks. She will get back to you with any other information she may need. If need be, you may contact her by phone: 848-467-6017.

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