Italian Heritage and Culture Month 2022

Apr 08, 2022 399

Welcome to the forty-sixth annual celebration of Italian Heritage and Culture Month. Each year the Board of Directors of the Italian Heritage and Cultural Committee of New York, Inc., (IHCC-NY, Inc.) selects a new theme and then proceeds to publish a theme poster and a Calendar of Events for the annual October celebration. We encourage you to discover your heritage with programs that celebrate the theme as we have done for the past forty-six years!

The Board of Directors of the IHCC-NY, Inc. is delighted to announce that for 2022 twenty-six honorees have been selected in celebration of this year’s theme, which is: SALUTING ITALIAN & ITALIAN AMERICAN NOBEL PRIZE LAUREATES

The theme this year provides a wide opportunity for research and a sound review of all that these Nobel laureates have contributed to the world from such areas as: Chemistry, Economics, Literature, Medicine, Physics, Physiology, and, most important, Peace! We will be able to hail and salute them all in special ways at the various functions and activities associated with the celebration of Italian Heritage and Culture Month 2022.

Please click here for the Events Form for this year's Culture Month events. Please click here to read Comm. Joseph Sciame's Events Request Letter.

SOURCE: John D. Calandra Italian American Institute

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