The Italian immigration to Brockton, MA

Jul 29, 2015 2261

by Micheal P. Lombardo

I was asked by members of the Centennial Committee of the Christopher Columbus Lodge #216 Order of the Sons of Italy to write a history of the Lodge since its inception in 1913. In conducting my research I have discovered that few documents seem to exist, most having been lost, damaged or destroyed as a result of fire and a number of moves to find suitable accommodations to hold meetings. The resulting lack of documentation has made the task virtually impossible.

In spite of that I was able to create a partial narrative for the Lodge's Centennial Celebration in September 2013 by gleaning articles from the local newspapers of the period (This history can be viewed at, -- go to Permanent Commissions and follow the prompts to Lodge #216, you will notice that the narrative stops in the 1930's).

Because of the limited documentation regarding the history of Lodge # 216, I have been forced to consider an alternate plan of preparing a history. I am humbly asking your assistance. If any members of the greater Italian Community have any documents, pictures, or memorabilia of any kind that has been saved through the years, including any personal recollections of the activities of Lodge 216 I would appreciate them, as they would serve to expand on the history I am trying to write. It is possible that local lodges in Massachusetts and Rhode Island may have such information, as Lodge 216 was instrumental assisting in their organization.

Any information lodges may have of can be forwarded to me either by e-mail or snail mail. In addition, as the Christopher Columbus Lodge is the last of the many Italian-American organizations in the City of Brockton, I would like to include information of the other clubs and organizations which made the Italian Community vibrant.

Among organizations which I am anxious to include in my history are:
Daughters of Anita Garibaldi

The Novelli Club

Santa Croce society
Italian Women's Club

Italian Scholarship Club
Italian Dramatic Society

Ward 2 and Ward 5 Italian Clubs

As well as any other such organizations which formed a part of the greater Brockton Italian community. This coupled with the limited data available will make an interesting portrait of the organization and the greater Italian Community, while at the same time providing archival material for future use.

If any pictures exist please send them to me ether by e-mail at; or by snail mail along with a stamped self addressed envelope.

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