ONE VOICE Defends Columbus on Radio - Denounces Notre Dame President

Jan 22, 2019 960

Andre’ DiMino, Italian American ONE VOICE Coalition Communications Director, will be on The Gene Valicenti Show, Tuesday 1/22 at about 8:20 AM East discussing Rev. John Jenkins, Notre Dame President’s decision to remove venerable Columbus art murals from the University. “What a complete disgrace,” stated DiMino.  “And it is unbelievable that he would issue a statement that Columbus's arrival in America ‘was nothing short of a catastrophe.’ Come on!”

DiMino and Valicenti will also be discussing MTV’s newest affront to Italian Americans, a regurgitated Jersey Shore spawn, called “Made in Staten Island,” which debuted last week, replete with hyper-inflated, pseudo-reality young people and inevitable mob and Mafiosi references. The Gene Valicenti Show, the Voice of Rhode Island, is on Talk Radio WPRO AM & FM. You can listen live at

We need your support in order to fight for our civil rights. We are Co-Sponsoring a Petition with the Notre Dame Young Americans For Freedom to keep the murals. We’ll notify everyone

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