The “Feast of All Feasts” in Boston’s North End

Aug 15, 2022 445

BY: Stephanie Longo

More than 100 years ago, immigrants from Montefalcione brought Saint Anthony’s Feast to Boston’s North End, continuing their hometown’s veneration that dates to the 14th century. This year’s feast will be held from August 25-28. Saint Anthony became the official patron saint of Montefalcione because of his protection during the 1688 Sannio Earthquake, which severely damaged many towns in the area that today comprises parts of the provinces of Avellino and Benevento.

Local lore states that the residents of Montefalcione believed their town escaped unscathed because of Saint Anthony’s protection. Townspeople then began to campaign for Saint Anthony to be named town patron, and their request was granted in the second half of August in 1688. From that time on, Saint Anthony’s Feast was celebrated the last Sunday in August, along with a smaller feast in honor of Saint Lucy. The North End feast began in 1919.


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