Columbus Statues Vandalized Across New England

Oct 10, 2017 1005

BY: Tim Jones

A statue of Christopher Columbus in Rhode Island was found defaced Monday in another incident involving the vandalism of statues of the Italian explorer in New England on Columbus Day. According to WJAR, red paint and an expletive targeting Columbus were found on the statue on the corner of Elmwood and Lexington avenues in Providence on Monday morning.

In Connecticut, three statues were found vandalized. In Middletown and New Haven, the statues were also covered in red paint. The Middletown statue was found with the words “kill the colonizer” on it. A third statue in Norwalk was also vandalized, but police did not release any further details. All of the incidents occurred on Columbus Day, marking the day the explorer arrived in the Americas in 1492. It's not clear if any of the local incidents are connected.

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