Sons of Italy rebuilding moving forward behind the scenes

Feb 09, 2019 615

BY: Mike McKnight

Two years ago, fire raced through a South Omaha landmark. As rebuilding started, hope grew for reopening the Sons of Italy hall. Then, as 6 On Your Side first reported, the project abruptly stopped. For decades, Sons of Italy attracted pasta lovers and politicians hungry for votes. "The place is near and dear to a lot of peoples’ hearts," said dan Matuella, vice president of Sons of Italy.

But rebuilding was slowed by a payment dispute between the organization's board and contractor, blocking the way for several months. "There is light at the end of the tunnel," Matuella said. "We are moving forward. We are going to be moving at a good clip now, so no more stalemates.” Insurance paid for fire damage but came up short — $400,000 short — of the million-dollar rebuild cost.

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