Looking at Italian history brings focus on forgotten American author

Oct 12, 2013 930

Countries often become embattled over territory disputes, political turmoil and controversial leadership, and neighboring countries question their role in assisting the citizens in the warring country. In the mid-19th century, Italy experienced such a struggle, called the Risorgimento, which Dr. Etta Madden, professor of English at Missouri State University, spent July researching via a prestigious summer seminar stipend through the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Madden was one of 16 accepted applicants to participate in the NEH's Summer Seminar, held at the American Academy in Rome, Italy, in the Age of the Risorgimento, where she learned the background for the fighting between France, Austria and the powers of the Roman Catholic Church. This history gives context for her primary research interest, author Anne Hampton Brewster.

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