Locals reconnect with family in the Aosta Valley

May 28, 2019 502

BY: Will Grandbois

When Daniele Treves came to the Roaring Fork Valley to work at the marble quarry, he didn’t expect to find a host of last names from his home back in the Aosta Valley of Northern Italy.

He soon learned, however, that the majority of the early families to stake claims in the area were Italian, and many of those were Aostan. Even those unfamiliar with the people themselves have likely seen them on a park, a business or a mark on the map: Arbaney, Berthod, Cerise, Darien, Diemoz, Gerbaz, Gianinetti, Glassier, Grange, Jammaron, Natal…

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SOURCE: https://www.soprissun.com

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