Knowing Your Neighbors: Italian-American Club of Duluth

Aug 21, 2018 429

BY: Arman Rahman

Spirit Valley Days brings throngs of vendors to West Duluth, from all over the Northland. Yet only one brings the whole family, and the family’s food. “The sausage also is a family recipe for the sausage,” said club member Bob Sisto. “Made by, well it’s an old recipe made by my uncle. And now my uncle died and his son kind of takes over, his name is Gene Sisto.”

The Italian American Club of Duluth serves Italian sausage links and patties, pasta, and onions. All served with a smile, and a witty comment. The club’s been coming to the festival for 12 years, and each year they’ve been a big hit. “Just because it’s a good place to be,” said Sisto. “Kinda centrally located, y’know, in the Spirit Valley Days, and a lot of people come.”

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