Jackson connects Cody to Italian sister city

Sep 14, 2017 1072


Two distant homelands are now forever linked by the common bond of one man – artist Harry Jackson – who called each place home. This summer city councilors passed a resolution to adopt Camaiore, Italy, as a sister city and to promote “a friendship, an alliance beyond our borders.” A few months earlier, City of Camaiore officials passed a resolution “to build a relationship of friendship and collaboration” with Cody.  

The hope is this newly formed bond between cities evolves into an artistic and cultural relationship. Each place has something to offer the other yet differences are pronounced. Cody, a small western town in a basin surrounded by mountain ranges on three sides, was founded by a Wild West showman and entrepreneur in the late 1800s. Cattle, antelope and log cabins dot the vast, sagebrush-covered open range.

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SOURCE: http://www.codyenterprise.com

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