Effort to change name of Columbus Park gaining traction

Nov 24, 2020 523

BY: Lisa D'Souza

Renewed efforts to change the name of Northwest Denver’s Columbus Park to La Raza park are moving forward. The proposal is expected to be filed for consideration as an ordinance next week. “What you see here today at the park is not what was here 50 years ago,” Arturo Rodriguez, a longtime advocate for changing the name of the park said. “I think the voters are there in council for it to pass. It did fail in 1981 by one vote.”

City council member Amanda Sandoval is backing the proposal to change the name of the park, citing concerns about violence tied to Christopher Columbus. This summer, the Columbus Park sign was taken down. Meantime, those against the proposal worry what the proposed change could mean for celebrating Italian heritage.

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SOURCE: https://kdvr.com

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