Seven ways to connect with your Italian heritage in South Jersey

Nov 02, 2017 1838

BY: Carol Comegno

October is National Italian Heritage Month, and in New Jersey the single largest ethnic group is Italian (followed by African and Irish). Almost 20 percent of the state population— more than1.5 million residents — identifies as having Italian heritage, according to the 2000 U.S. Census.

But Italians have so melded into the American population over the generations that many cannot speak or read the language save a few dialect words and have not continued traditions like making wine and pasta. While everyone cannot afford a trip to the “old country” to reconnect with tradition, there are many ways for South Jerseyans to preserve the culture and customs of ancestral immigrants from Italy. Here is a list of suggested ways for Italians and anyone else who appreciates these traditions to preserve and promote them:

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