Help Raise $25,000 for Our Young People

Sep 22, 2013 1245

As the citizens at Boys' and Girls' Towns get ready to head to school, we ask for your help. Unlike other kids, our young people do not have a mother or father to buy them a backpack, or pick up their favorite pen. They do not have a sibling's hand-me-down shirt or shoes.

We are raising $25,000 to ensure our kids are ready to enter school this fall. A gift of $500 secures a set of clothes. $250 puts school supplies in the hands of one young person.

Please give today.

Youssef arrived at Boys' Town in July after fleeing Egypt and the political and social turmoil which had killed his father. Catherine, from poverty-stricken Romania where many girls are forced into prostitution, has been at Girls' Town for three months. Her mother beat her and told her she was worthless. Both arrived with only the clothing on their backs.

Youssef and Catherine are safe now, learning Italian and nervous about school.

Donate today. Help Youssef and Catherine.

Founded in 1945, our global giving community has grown to include second and third generation donors, today's new generation of philanthropists and young people in need who have experienced war, extreme poverty, violence and betrayal.

Give our kids the chance in life all kids deserve.

Your gift provides the practical tools kids need to grow, learn and rebuild their lives.

Mille grazie,

Carrie Sackett - Executive Director

Source: Boys' and Girls' Towns of Italy

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