Bayonne Remembers: Ludovico "Ludo" Nolfo Honored for Years of Service to Community

Mar 28, 2022 200

Most people called Ludovico "Ludo" Nolfo, except Mayor Jimmy Davis, who always called him “Mr. Nolfo.” “Even as mayor, I called him Mr. Nolfo,” Davis said. “I couldn’t.” Davis’ comments came during the March 22 dedication ceremony of a plaque and plaza to commemorate Nolfo.

The ceremony was appropriately held at the plaza that bears his name at Back Bay Gardens, a Bayonne Housing Authority building. Davis called Nolfo “a gentleman,” and recalled growing up near him on Trask Avenue, reflecting on the respect Nolfo had for everyone, even for kids. He and others, Davis recalled, played stickball in the street, and Nolfo would wait until a play was over to pull in or out of his garage.

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