K-12 ITALIAN LANGUAGE ART CONTEST – Graffiti Art, Illustrations and Comics

Sep 10, 2020 636

In honor of the 20th edition of Week of the Italian Language in the World (October 19-25, 2020), Fondazione Italia, in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles and the Italian Cultural Institute of San Francisco under the auspices of the Italian Consulate General in Los Angeles and the Italian Consulate General in San Francisco, is launching an art contest that will showcase kid’s creativity and their connection to the Italian language.

Please note: This contest is for K-12 students living in California, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico.


Students in grades K-12 are asked to express themselves artistically on how Italian relates to their lives. Topics that could be explored include language as it relates to family, friends, where we live, gender, bilingualism in school, politics, etc… Expressive forms such as graffiti art, illustrations, cartoons, comics, graphic novels, and children’s books are all welcome.

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SOURCE: https://iicsanfrancisco.esteri.it

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