IALA’s new leadership takes office and hosts the National Italian American Bar Association

Jan 31, 2014 823

by Silvia Simonetti

Eager to connect more deeply with the local community, IALA's schedule has been particularly rich in engaging events during the last week. On Thursday, January 23, the Italian American Lawyers Association hosted the "NIABA Night" at Casa Italiana, while on Saturday 25, members and their guests gathered at the USC California Science Center on the occasion of the annual "Installation Ball".

Founded in 1983, NIABA - National Italian American Bar Association - is committed to "advancing the interests of the Italian American legal community, and to improving the administration of justice." Its members are judges, attorneys, law professors and students who share a common cultural heritage, as well as the interest in preserving it over time.

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Source: http://italoamericano.com/

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