How you know you're done with North Beach

May 17, 2018 461

BY: Michelle Robertso

North Beach is a neighborhood of many flavors. There's the pizza and the garlic, the Beatniks and the Barbary Coast and the Caffe Triesters. But living in the highly trafficked neighborhood can get the best of even the most seasoned San Franciscan. The tourists with their rental bikes and bright yellow GoCars are one thing; the masses of partygoers seeking a taste of old-school debauchery are quite another.

North Beach began as just that – a beach. It wasn't until the 19th century that city planners plugged it up with landfill and started building. Shortly thereafter, the infamous Barbary Coast sprung up. Only the 1906 earthquake could put a damper on the wildness to be found in the dark crevices of the neighborhood.

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