We The Italians | Italian report: Italy in 10 selfies 2022. A user-friendly economy for tackling the future

Italian report: Italy in 10 selfies 2022. A user-friendly economy for tackling the future

Italian report: Italy in 10 selfies 2022. A user-friendly economy for tackling the future

  • WTI Magazine #152 Jun 25, 2022
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At times, the climate crisis, pandemic, devastating conflicts and inequality seem to prefigure a less user-friendly future. In order to change direction, each country, community, business and each individual is called upon to put their talents into play and share them. This applies to Italy too.

Our country gives its best when it intermingles its ancient chromosomes and its identity with a completely Italian way of doing economics: that merges innovation and tradition, social cohesion, new technologies and beauty, the ability to speak to the world without losing touch with its own territories and communities, productive flexibility and competitiveness.

Each year, Italy describes some of its strong points in 10 selfies through a wide-angle lens, aspects that are often little-known or underrated. They are powered by the incentive of businesses towards quality and sustainability. A narrative that hopes to be a reminder and a diary: from here we can set out to confront not only our past sufferings but the future and its challenges. We can do so as part of the mission set by Europe with the Next Generation EU, to deal with the climate crisis and pandemic, merging cohesion, and a green and digital transition. We need to do this by forging a path of cooperation and peace in the world that has become weakened. To build a safer, more civilised and kinder world together, without leaving anyone behind, or anyone on their own.

It is Italy that makes Italy. The country that Symbola censuses and describes in its research, completed in the company of travel companions who share a common vision and mission with us and with whom we observe our country, with curiosity and empathy.

Italy in 10 selfies 2022: A user-friendly economy for tackling the future

1: Leader in the circular economy. 2: Champions of efficiency when competing on green matters and quality. 3: The world’s largest operator in renewables is Italian. 4: World leader for UNESCO sites and design. 5: Italy, third in the world for specialization in space technologies and European leader in earth observation. 6: First place to Italy in local-based food-farming. 7: Italian mechanics second in Europe and fourth in the world for the export of machine tools. 8: Made in Italy tiles, first in the world for export value. 9: Italy, global leader in wood-furnishings thanks to sustainability. 10: Eyewear, Italy leading in global exports.

“Our economy is stronger when it has a steady network of solidarity behind it, a system of businesses aware of their social duty, with a background in legality, extensive knowledge and civil commitment”. Sergio Mattarella - President of the Italian Republic

“The totality and its parts aims to remove the living in this life from their state of misery and lead them to a state of happiness”. Dante Alighieri